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BS is a 36-year-old woman who presents to her doctor with symptoms of anxiety, sleep disturbances, and recent weight loss. Her doctor suspects hyperthyroidism. Which of the following laboratory results would be consistent with overt hyperthyroidism?

Increased TSH, increased thyroid hormones

Decreased TSH, increased thyroid hormones

Increased TSH, decreased thyroid hormones

Decreased TSH, decreased thyroid hormones

Answer b is correct. Hyperthyroidism thyroid hormones that then decrease the amount of TSH needed by the thyroid gland.

Answer a is incorrect. Hyperthyroidism occurs when excess thyroid hormones are circulating in the body. As a result of the negative feedback system, increased concentrations of thyroid hormones will suppress the production of TSH, so TSH levels will be decreased in hyperthyroidism.

Answer c is incorrect. Thyroid hormones are elevated in hyperthyroidism while TSH is suppressed. These laboratory results (increased TSH and decreased thyroid hormones) are typically found in hypothyroidism.

Answer d is incorrect. Thyroid hormones will be elevated in hyperthyroidism. TSH concentrations will be decreased.