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Chapter 6. Physician Perspective on Medication Therapy Management

Physicians will tend to consider their purview, from the goals of MTM, all of the following EXCEPT:

a. assessment of the patient's health status

b. medication-counseling

c. formulation of a medication treatment plan

d. selection of medication

e. monitoring and evaluation of the patient's response to therapy, including safety and effectiveness

Which of the following are factors in physician's attitudes toward MTM?

a. Declining reimbursement

b. Increasing administrative burdens

c. Burn out

d. ACA implementation uncertainties

e. All of the above

What has the AMA demanded regarding pharmacist-provided MTM?

a. That there be no adverse outcomes

b. That the CMR be accurate and complete

c. That the physician is notified that his or her patient is receiving MTM

d. Physician approval for patient MTM participation is required

e. That the MTM CPT codes aren't used

The adoption of the EMR may negatively influence the physician response to MTM by:

a. providing pharmacy access to the complete medical record

b. increasing the number of prescriptions

c. worsening physician productivity

d. making MTM unnecessary

e. eliminating false-positive alerts.

The Patient-Centered Medical Home is not designed to:

a. enhance access and continuity

b. identify and manage patient populations

c. provide self-care and community support

d. track and coordinate care

e. eliminate the need for MTM

MTM has the potential to help with transformational change and improvement in:

a. continuous care

b. medication adherence

c. reducing healthcare costs

d. being patient-centric


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