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Chapter 15. Bipolar Disorder Medication Therapy Management Data Set

A patient experiencing 5 episodes of bipolar disorder in a year should be classified by which of the following diagnostic criteria?

a. Bipolar I disorder

b. Bipolar II disorder

c. A mixed episode

d. Rapid cycling

Which of the following rating scales would be helpful to use as a screening tool to detect symptoms of bipolar disorder?

a. Mood Disorder Questionnaire

b. Brief Bipolar Disorder Symptom Scale

c. Young Mania Rating Scale

d. Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression

Which of the following is the main goal for the treatment of bipolar disorder?

a. Reduce the severity of acute attacks

b. Minimize adverse effects

c. Maximize adherence with therapy

d. Treat comorbid substance abuse

Which of the following terms could be described as a mild degree of mania?

a. Depression

b. Euthymia

c. Hypomania

d. Cyclothymia

When developing a medication action plan to help a patient to remember to take medications, which of the following techniques would be useful to include in the patient's "What I need to do" section?

a. Decrease the number of medications he or she takes to 1 per day

b. Use and fill a pill box on a weekly basis to track missed doses

c. Carry all medications in 1 pill vial for less confusion

d. Increase the number of times per day he or she takes a medication

A patient is experiencing GI upset following an increase in dosage of valproic acid over the past week. Which of the following is the most appropriate course of action?

a. Refer the patient to the ER due to potential dehydration

b. Discontinue the use of valproic acid

c. Consider a switch from valproic acid ...

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