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Chapter 24. Headache Medication Therapy Management Data Set

Which of the following is correct regarding migraine headaches?

a. Migraine headaches affect men more often than women

b. Migraine headaches tend to occur in clusters

c. Migraine headaches are commonly associated with provoking factors (triggers)

d. Although there are different types of headaches, the treatment options are the same for all of them

When assessing the headache patient, it is important to be aware of characteristics and symptoms of different types of headaches. Which of the following is consistent with a migraine headache?

a. Bilateral location of pain

b. Pulsating quality of pain

c. Mild intensity

d. Physical exertion or activity improves pain

Which of the following is correct regarding goals of therapy for migraine headache?

a. The goals of treatment are the same for acute and long-term migraine management

b. Patients should maximize the use of backup and rescue medications to avoid preventive medications in migraine therapy

c. It is possible to reduce migraine severity, but not frequency

d. Optimal migraine therapy should avoid escalation of headache medication use

Using living room language, a secondary headache is best defined as:

a. A migraine headache that is associated with a score of 5 or higher on the pain scale

b. A headache caused by another health issue

c. A very painful type of headache that is unilateral in nature

d. A headache that responds to anti-seizure prophylactic therapy

JR is a 67-year-old female who is a patient in your MTM service. At her most recent visit, you developed a MAP for JR, who was experiencing a rebound headache due to overuse of ibuprofen for migraine headaches. Which of the following would you include in JR's MAP?

a. Recommendation for JR's physician to change her migraine medication to a triptan

b. An alert for JR about potential drug interactions with ibuprofen

c. Instructions for JR to slowly cut down the amount of ibuprofen she ...

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