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Chapter 29. Osteoarthritis Medication Therapy Management Data Set

Which of the following is correct regarding the development of osteoarthritis?

a. Osteoarthritis is an immune-mediated condition that develops rapidly over a period of weeks to months

b. Osteoarthritis is more likely to affect younger patients compared to older patients

c. The development of osteoarthritis is multifactorial and may include factors such as a history of joint trauma and biomechanical factors

d. Primary osteoarthritis is attributed to a specific precipitating factor such as an inflammatory or endocrine disorder

Which of the following questions is LEAST likely to be beneficial when assessing a patient's osteoarthritis?

a. "What activities are associated with improving or worsening your symptoms?"

b. "What do you do for exercise?"

c. "Which joint or joints are affected?"

d. "Do you have an x-ray of the affected joint(s)?"

Which of the following statements concerning treatment goals for osteoarthritis is correct?

a. Treatment plans should aim to completely eliminate pain with 1 or more analgesic therapies

b. Treatment plans should minimize pain and side effects while maximizing functioning and quality of life

c. Treatment goals should be developed on an individual basis once initial first-line therapy has failed

d. Treatment goals should be outlined at diagnosis and should not be changed once therapy is initiated

All of the following statements utilize acceptable living room language when discussing osteoarthritis with a patient EXCEPT:

a. Hyaluronic acid may provide chondroprotective benefits

b. Joints are where bones meet; they allow arms, legs, and fingers to move freely

c. Intra-articular therapy can involve injecting medication directly into a joint

d. Knee effusion is when the knee joint swells due to fluid within the knee joint

When discussing osteoarthritis with a patient, which of the following should be included in a medication action plan?

a. The name of all the medications the patient is taking

b. The strength, route, and directions for medications being taken for the disease state of interest


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