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Chapter 30. Osteoporosis Medication Therapy Management Data Set

All of the following are risk factors for osteoporosis EXCEPT:

a. Female gender

b. Advanced age

c. Obesity

d. Premature menopause

Which of the following is not an area of concern when assessing the risk of osteoporosis?

a. Family history

b. Age of last menses

c. Tobacco use

d. Carbohydrates consumed each day

All of the following are correct regarding therapeutic goals for osteoporosis EXCEPT:

a. The goal is to prevent further bone loss

b. Improvement in bone mass is not an attainable therapeutic goal

c. Prevention of fractures is a goal for osteoporosis patients

d. Improvement of functional capacity and quality of life is a therapeutic goal

Which of the following statements best defines primary osteoporosis using living room language?

a. Osteoporosis caused by medications the patient is taking (eg, steroids)

b. Osteoporosis caused by advanced age or going through the change (menopause)

c. Osteoporosis that occurs after the climacteric

d. Osteoporosis caused by diseases like hyperthyroidism or Cushing's disease

Which of the following should be included in the medication action plan for a patient taking a bisphosphonate?

a. Take with 6 ounces of any liquid

b. Take 2 hours before meals

c. Directions for missing a dose

d. Remain upright for 5 minutes after the dose

A patient taking a bisphosphonate reports pain in her throat and trouble swallowing food. Sometimes she spits up blood. Which of the following is the correct course of action?

a. She should stop all her medications and call her doctor in a week

b. She should see her doctor immediately or go to the ER

c. She should call 911

d. Explain to her ...

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