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Chapter 3. Drug Information Resources

If you were looking for information on an interaction between St. John’s wort and Prozac®, which source would likely provide this information?

a. Natural Medicine Comprehensive Database

b. Drug in Pregnancy and Lactation

c. American Drug Index

d. Remington: The Science and Practice of Pharmacy

e. The Harriet Lane Handbook

Which of the following would be the most useful resource when determining the U.S. equivalent of an international drug?

a. Handbook of Injectable Drugs

b. Pharmacy Practice and the Law

c. Index Nominum

d. Merck Index

Which database would be best for finding information about a recent business merger of two large pharmaceutical manufacturers?

a. International Pharmaceutical Abstracts (IPA)

b. Iowa Drug Information System (IDIS)

c. LexisNexis


e. Reactions Weekly

While searching for information on a specific medication you find an electronic document describing a clinical experience of a practitioner with a patient who had an adverse reaction to a medication. What kind of literature is this?

a. Primary

b. Secondary

c. Tertiary

d. None of the above (electronic documents are not reliable)

e. None of the above (electronic documents do not fulfill the criteria for any type of literature)

Which of the following references would contain information on the normal dose of a prescription medication?

a. Red Book


c. American Drug Index

d. Catalog of Teratogenic Agents

e. Handbook of Nonprescription Drugs

A nurse calls you from the Intensive Care Unit and she has a patient who is receiving an intravenous solution containing amoxicillin. The doctor has now ordered morphine to be injected into the Y site of the intravenous solution every 4 hours. The nurse wants to know if these ...

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