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Chapter 11. Ethical Aspects of Drug Information Practice

Characteristics that differentiate an ethical deliberation from other decision-making endeavors include which of the following? (Choose all that apply.)

a. The issue is universal, with any parties involved agreeing that there is a right or wrong answer.

b. The issue has been addressed in law, with penalties identified for failure to comply with the legal directive.

c. The welfare of all parties affected by the judgment at hand is taken into account.

d. The issue is fundamental, with no higher standard against which to measure the rightness of the decision.

A physician receives a call from one of his son’s friends indicating that another friend fed him several brownies earlier that evening that contained marijuana. The caller asks if this could be dangerous, but states that he is feeling all right. He then notes that he has an appointment the next day for a drug test related to a new job, and asks for the name of a chemical that he understands will interfere with tests for marijuana in the blood or urine. The physician is nearly convinced that this is a legitimate call, but feels ethical qualms about how to deal with the information request. What level of ethical decision making would this constitute?

a. Micro level

b. Meso level

c. Macro level

d. None of the above

Assuming you decide that the case in question #2 involving the young patient who the physician knows personally does constitute an ethical dilemma for the medical practitioner, which of the following ethical rules or principles do you think would potentially apply to the situation (check all that apply, and consider your reasons for selection; you may also want to consider whether there are any others in the chapter list that you think could apply)?

a. Respecting the patientprofessional relationship

b. Nonmaleficence

c. Confidentiality

d. Justice

A nurse member of the local hospital’s pharmacy and therapeutics committee is directed by her nursing supervisor to vote in opposition to a proposed policy (which she currently supports) that will designate pharmacists to screen patient immunization status and provide vaccine information to patients regarding indicated immunizations. If the nurse considered this an ethical dilemma, what level of ethical decision making would this constitute?


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