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Chapter 13. Drug Evaluation Monographs

Medications or medication classes considered for a medication formulary should be objectively assessed based on:

a. Scientific information

b. Anecdotal prescriber experience

c. Manufacturer information

d. Published review

e. All of the above

Pharmacists have a unique role in the preparation of a medication monograph in that:

a. Medications are viewed from a whole and macroeconomic view

b. Medications are viewed based on the package insert data

c. Medications are viewed based on pharmaceutical representative information

d. Medications are viewed from a microeconomic view

Manufacturers of alternative/complementary medicines prescriber cannot make specific health claims because these products are considered:

a. Medications

b. Dietary supplements

c. Orphan medications

The summary page of a medication monograph:

a. Provides a summary of the most important information concerning the medication

b. Completely evaluates a medication product

c. Provides a record of all that was taken into consideration

d. Includes items that are not clinically significant

Included on the summary page is a definite recommendation primarily based on:

a. Objective outcome data and the use of evidence-based clinical guidelines

b. Cost

c. Anecdotal prescriber experience

d. Other items specific to the particular agent

Medications can be removed from formulary due to:

a. Safety

b. Cost

c. No use

d. All of the above

The body of the monograph does which of the following?

a. Bring all the information together in a logical order

b. Adequately compares the medication to other therapies

c. Only address certain items


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