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Chapter 16. Medication Misadventures II: Medication and Patient Safety

In an effort to improve handoffs and communication, SBAR is a recommended technique. What does SBAR stand for?

a. Summary, background, assignment, and review

b. Situation, background, assessment, and recommendation/request

c. Summary, briefing, assessment, and recollection

d. Situation, briefing, assessment, and recommendation

Congress passed the Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act of 2005, from which Patient Safety Organizations (PSOs) were created. Which of the following is not a true statement?

a. This act provides two types of protections: confidentiality and privilege protections.

b. One of the goals of the PSOs is to collate and analyze data related to safety errors and events.

c. PSOs will forward information about facility-specific reported events to The Joint Commission and the media.

d. PSOs will require the use of Common Formats (standardized reporting and terminology) for reporting errors and events.

Patient A is given a dose of penicillin intended for patient B. The patient did not experience any problems as a result. The physician was notified when the error was discovered (2 hours after the dose was administered) and no further orders were given. Which of the following NCCMERP classification is most appropriate?

a. Category A

b. Category B

c. Category C

d. Category E

e. Category F

Which of the following action plan items is the strongest and most likely to provide sustained reduction in risk?

a. Reeducate the department about the error and correct process.

b. Add detail to the very long policy and procedure, spelling out every step that needs to be taken.

c. Talk to the people involved and ask them to be more careful.

d. Develop a forcing function such that the human error is not possible.

You are an experienced nurse who was asked to float to a surgical floor. Your patient has a new patient controlled analgesia (PCA) to be started. You learned how to program a PCA pump at a training for new equipment about 10 months ago but have not had a patient ...

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