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Chapter 18. Policy Development, Project Design, and Implementation

The following health system policies require a pharmacist’s participation, except:

a. Herbal product use

b. High-alert medications

c. Medical resident supervision

d. Electrolyte infusions

e. Drug shortages

When gathering information for inclusion in a health system policy, what is the initial step?

a. Conduct a literature search using CINAHL information systems.

b. Ask for a meeting with the director of pharmacy.

c. Contact colleagues who work at other health systems.

d. Gather background information including the justification of the policy.

e. Conduct a literature search using PubMed®.

Prior to starting a project, a tool that is recommended to use for defining the project is:

a. Project description

b. Procedure

c. Work breakdown structure (WBS)

d. Gantt chart

e. Policy

Select the skills needed to be an effective project manager.

a. Technical knowledge of the project components

b. Ability to work with a multidisciplinary team

c. Capacity to manage conflicts or emotional responses from project team members

d. Organizational and time management

e. All of the above

The components of the project cycle are:

a. Project definition, development, implementation, and closeout

b. Project development, justification, implementation, and review

c. Project strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats

d. Project identification, justification, implementation, and closeout

e. Project deliberation, strengths, weaknesses, and review

Which of the following provides specific guidance on how to perform a given task?

a. Policy

b. Procedure

c. Project description

d. Purpose statement


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