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Chapter 19. Drug Information in Ambulatory Care

All of the following statements support the need for the skilled provision of drug information in ambulatory care except:

a. There is not a consistent level of education in the curricula of various health care fields.

b. There is a lack of high-quality drug information freely available to the public.

c. The ambulatory care clinician is able to access databases that may not be available to the public.

d. A significant number of emergency room visits and hospital admissions every year are attributed to pharmaceuticals.

Which of the following statements is true regarding prescription formularies?

a. Prescription insurance providers often require cardholder identification information in order to gain full access to formulary information.

b. Clinician use of electronic prescribing has not been shown to affect the likelihood of prescribing tier 1 medications.

c. Software programs such as Lexicomp® and Epocrates® include formulary information that can be downloaded to a handheld electronic device.

d. Medicare Part D participants cannot perform side-by-side comparisons of prescription plans that are available to them and that cover some or all of their medications.

Evidence-based clinical practice guidelines are:

a. Used solely by practitioners who develop formularies.

b. Accessible without a fee only to practitioners who are members of the organization that developed a given set of guidelines.

c. Typically too large to download to most handheld devices.

d. Freely available in full text from a variety of government and public Internet sites.

All of the following support the desirability of electronic drug information resources in the ambulatory setting except:

a. Ambulatory care may be provided in multiple sites by the same organization.

b. Internet access is available to all clinicians.

c. Updates to information are more readily performed.

d. Electronic databases are conducive to faster and more efficient searches.

Which of the following databases provides patient information in languages other than English?

a. Clinical Pharmacology

b. Drug Facts and Comparisons


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