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Chapter 20. Drug Information and Contemporary Community Pharmacy Practice

Which of the following are limitations a pharmacist faces when delivering drug information to their patients?

a. Lack of readability of most patient leaflets given with prescription.

b. Pharmacists appear too busy and unavailable.

c. Counseling has become a passive process where patient education is only given if requested.

d. Pharmacists lack of understanding in regards to patient’s desire to take control of their own health.

e. All of the above.

Patient education is best described by the following:

a. Delivered by health care professional verbally only

b. Occurs with the pickup of new prescriptions only

c. Unplanned activity

d. b and c only

e. None of the above

Consumer Health Information (CHI) is best described by the following:

a. Tailored to a patient’s specific situation

b. Actively sought by patients

c. Created in response to patients need for more information about their health

d. b and c only

e. None of the above

Which of the following site(s) is considered a social media or social networking site?

a. WebMD®

b. Facts and Comparisons®

c. Everyday Health®

d. a and b only

e. a and c only

Through social media sites patients share a wealth of personal information regarding their disease states and conditions. Examples of personal information shared includes all of the following except:

a. Treatment successes

b. Treatment failures

c. Adverse effects

d. Opinions

e. None of the above

All of the following are reasons why some patients prefer the collective wisdom of a group over the advice of an expert individual except for:


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