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Chapter 23. Assessing Drug Promotions

Which of the following activities are considered to be drug promotion?

  1. Advertisement to patients

  2. Advertisement to health care professionals

  3. Detailing to health care professionals

a. I

b. III

c. I and II

d. II and III

e. I, II, and III

World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations support DTCA for which of the following product types:

  1. Nonprescription drugs

  2. Prescription drugs

  3. Vitamins and minerals

a. I

b. III

c. I and II

d. II and III

e. I, II, and III

Which of the following regulations gave the FDA authority over prescription drug advertising?

a. The Food and Drug Administration Amendments Act

b. Kefauver-Harris Amendment

c. The Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act

d. WHO Ethical Criteria for Medicinal Drug Promotion

Which type of DTCA includes only disease state information and, therefore, is regulated by the FTC?

a. Help-seeking ads

b. Reminder ads

c. Product claim ads

d. Television ads

Which of the following drugs are not permitted to be advertised using reminder ads?

a. OTC medications

b. Pediatric medications

c. Boxed warning medications

d. Prescription medications

Which of the following components of product claim ads are not required by FDA regulations?

a. Fair balanced risks and benefits

b. FDA’s MedWatch statement

c. Drug indication

d. Mechanism of action

The PhRMA guiding principles for DTCA are currently enforced by the FDA.

a. True

b. False

According to the PhRMA guiding ...

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