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Chapter 24. Pharmacy Informatics: Enabling Safe and Efficacious Medication Use

Which of the following represents the correct order of the medication use process?

a. Monitoring, prescribing, transcribing, administration, follow-up

b. Prescribing, transcribing, dispensing, administration, monitoring

c. Transcribing, dispensing, administration, monitoring, documentation

d. Assessment, prescribing, transcribing, administration, monitoring

e. None of the above

Pharmacy informatics includes:

a. People

b. Information

c. Technology

d. a and b

e. a, b, and c

The two primary types of information used in pharmacy informatics include:

a. Patient specific and clinical expertise

b. Clinical expertise and knowledge based

c. Patient specific and knowledge based

d. Referential and guidelines

e. None of the above

The primary similarity between CPOE and e-prescriptions is they:

a. Are easy to implement because they do not disrupt workflow

b. Both address the dispensing stage of the medication use process

c. Eliminate illegible prescriptions

d. Eliminate all errors related to prescribing

e. c and d

The role of Surescripts is to:

a. Certify controlled substance schedule II prescriptions for authenticity

b. Provide the communication network for e-prescriptions

c. Create standards for CPOE transmission

d. Define Meaningful Use standards

e. Provide financial support for e-prescription adoption

The three components of clinical decision support systems include:

a. CPOE system, transmission network, transmission standards

b. Knowledge base, e-prescription network, transmission standards

c. Communication mechanism, knowledge base, CPOE system

d. Inference engine, knowledge base, communication mechanism

e. None of the above


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