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Medication therapy management (MTM) represents the first major, pharmacy-wide, reimbursable cognitive pharmacy service. This service arrives at a time when everyone recognizes that the healthcare system is too costly and the medication-use system is dysfunctional. The medication-use system has been labeled unsafe and ineffective in providing medication therapy.

The combination of a recognized need for medication management, the evolution of patient-centered care, the explosion of health information technology, and the development of new practice models (eg, Patient Centered Medical Home), and new payment methods have created the ideal environment for MTM. While the retail sector has yet to develop a viable MTM business model, the current conditions provide pharmacy with a great opportunity to move forward with the provision of MTM services.

This text is our effort to provide information and an approach to providing MTM services that prepares the pharmacist to practice MTM in any setting. While the emphasis is on Medicare-funded MTM, the concepts can be applied universally by viewing Medicare as any other health insurance plan with a drug benefit.

This first edition is a snapshot of MTM and therapeutics at one moment in time. We realize that the medication-use system is changing at a faster pace than therapeutics. However, the principles found in this text are applicable regardless of the practice setting or the introduction of new drugs, guidelines, or payment methods.

Our hope is that this text will be a useful resource that promotes the development of successful MTM services and more widespread adoption of MTM. As the medication-use system and therapeutics evolve, we will continue to update and refine the text to best meet the needs of MTM providers and the patients they serve.

David Angaran
Karen Whalen

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