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  • An MTM data set is a stand-alone disease-based guide to conducting a medication therapy review. Each data set incorporates practical aspects of how to perform the 5 core elements of MTM for a given disease state.

  • Current MTM software and drug databases do not contain the combination of items found in data sets, such as living room language, OTC medications, herbal products, and sample documentation.

  • Information on drug interactions is not provided in the data sets. It is recommended that MTM pro-viders consult a comprehensive drug interaction database before making drug therapy recom-mendations.

  • MTM data sets are a unique collection of information that serves as a useful tool for pharmacists, student pharmacists, and others practicing MTM.


The following scenario provides background on the rationale for creating medication therapy management (MTM) data sets:

Imagine that you have been given a golden opportunity to start a new MTM business where you will be providing MTM services to hundreds of patients per week via telephone or face-to-face interviews. To accomplish this mission, you have been granted a budget to employ several pharmacists (MTM providers) as well as pharmacy technicians, and you will also have the assistance of pharmacy interns and senior pharmacy students completing their advanced pharmacy practice experiences. All of this sounds wonderful—until you realize that you need to have everyone trained along with the service up and running within a few months. To make matters more interesting, the pharmacy students coming into the practice site will change every month, necessitating the need for training new students on an ongoing basis. You quickly discover that you need an expeditious way to train all of these new employees and students. In addition, it would be handy to have a quick reference guide to help them prepare for MTM interviews and to use during MTM sessions if they find themselves stumped or in unfamiliar territory.

The hypothetical scenario is very similar to the experience of the University of Florida College of Pharmacy as the faculty there established the MTM Communication and Care Center.1 When faced with the challenge of having to prepare multiple pharmacists and trainees to perform MTM services, the faculty rapidly gravitated toward the idea of creating minimum data sets that would provide baseline information needed to conduct a successful medication therapy review. Trainees needed a resource that could provide answers to the following questions:

  • How do I interview the patient?

  • What types of information do I need to gather?

  • How do I explain complex health concepts or medical terminology to the patient?

  • What medication-related problems might I commonly identify in patients with a given disease state?

  • What types of interventions are routinely recommended for patients with a given disease state?

  • How do I document interventions and follow-up with the patient?

All of the MTM data sets were developed by ...

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