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The health status of the oral cavity is linked to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and other systemic illnesses. Thus, examining the oral cavity for signs of disease is a key part of the physical exam. This chapter presents numerous outstanding clinical photographs illustrating many of the conditions discussed in Chap. 45, Oral Manifestations of Disease. Conditions affecting the teeth, periodontal tissues, and oral mucosa are all represented.

FIGURE 46e-1

Gingival overgrowth secondary to calcium channel blocker use.

FIGURE 46e-3

Erosive lichen planus.

FIGURE 46e-4

Stevens-Johnson syndrome—reaction to nevirapine.

FIGURE 46e-5

Erythematosus candidiasis under a denture (i.e., the patient should be treated for this fungal infection).

FIGURE 46e-6

Severe periodontitis.

FIGURE 46e-8

Sublingual leukoplakia.

FIGURE 46e-9

A. Epulis (gingival hypertrophy) under denture. B. Epulis fissuratum.

FIGURE 46e-10

Traumatic lesion inside of cheek.

FIGURE 46e-11

Oral leukoplakia, subtype homogenous leukoplakia.

FIGURE 46e-17

Heavy calculus and gingival inflammation.

FIGURE 46e-18

Severe gingival inflammation and heavy calculus.

FIGURE 46e-19

Root cavity in presence of severe periodontal disease.

FIGURE 46e-20

Ulcer on lateral border of tongue —potential carcinoma.

FIGURE 46e-21


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