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Clinical procedures are an important component of medical student and resident training, and some are required for board and hospital certification. In these new Harrison’s Chaps. 481e, 482e, 483e, 484e, 485e, and 486e, video tutorials are presented for performing abdominal paracentesis, thoracentesis, endotracheal intubation, central venous catheter placement, percutaneous arterial blood gas sampling, and lumbar puncture. These videos have been created specifically for Harrison’s. Each includes the indications, contraindications, equipment, potential complications, and related patient safety considerations. Additional video tutorials covering clinical procedures such as breast biopsy, IV line insertion, phlebotomy, arterial line insertion, arthrocentesis, bone marrow biopsy, pelvic examination, thyroid aspiration, basic suturing, and urethral catheterization are available to subscribers of Harrison’s Online and AccessMedicine (available at

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Video 482e–1 Clinical Procedure Tutorial: Thoracentesis
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