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The goal in this chapter is to present & discuss areas of practice in pharmacy that differ from the norm. We summarize some of the idiosyncrasies relevant to Florida pharmacy law. Otherwise, typically, federal practices are maintained. For additional details, see the Florida statutes and the Board of Pharmacy website, which is


Florida law pertaining to pharmacy is authorized by statute 465 – the Florida Pharmacy Act. Because pharmacy is deemed a learned profession, the “sole legislative purpose for enacting this chapter is to ensure that every pharmacist practicing in this state and every pharmacy meet minimum requirements for safe practice.” As such, the practice of the profession of pharmacy involves “compounding, dispensing, and consulting concerning contents, therapeutic values, and uses of any medicinal drug; consulting concerning therapeutic values and interactions of patent or proprietary preparations, whether pursuant to prescriptions or in the absence and entirely independent of such prescriptions or orders; and other pharmaceutical services such as monitoring the patient’s drug therapy and assisting the patient in the management of his or her drug therapy, and also communicating with the prescriber.” “The practice of the profession of pharmacy also includes the administration of vaccines to adults pursuant to” statute.


In addition to Chapter 465, Chapter 893 is the Florida Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act (simply known as the controlled substances act). This chapter establishes the schedules for controlled substances as well as the manner of prescribing, storing, handling, dispensing, administering, etc.


Finally, Chapter 64B-16 includes the Rules governing the practice of pharmacy as developed and established by the Florida Board of Pharmacy. Formation of the Board of Pharmacy emanates from Chapter 465.


The Board of Pharmacy is created within the Florida Department of Health. Board members are appointed to a 4-year term by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate.

Its Composition is 9 members: 7 are pharmacists and represent various pharmacy practice settings. However, 2 must be community practitioners, and 2 must practice in a Class II Institutional or Modified Class II permit (hospital/institutional practice), 3 must be licensed in Florida irrespective of practice setting. All pharmacists must have at least 4 years of practice experience in Florida. The final two members are residents of the state who are in no way connected to the practice of pharmacy. Finally one member must be at least 60 years old.

PRACTICE OF PHARMACY (465.003.13; 64B16-27.1001)

By rule, the practice of the profession of pharmacy is reserved to the licensed pharmacist of a duly registered pharmacy or an intern acting under the direct and personal supervision of a pharmacist. The rule also expands and defines additional ...

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