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  1. Composition1

    The board shall consist of 8 members.

    1. Seven members must be pharmacists.

      At the time of appointment the pharmacists must be residents of GA for at least six months, hold current licensure in GA and be in good standing, be actively engaged in the practice in GA, have 5 years of practice experience in GA, not be officially employed as a full-time faculty member by any school/college of pharmacy.

    2. One member is a nonpharmacist (consumer).

    3. All appointments to the board are made by the governor.

    4. Pharmacist members shall represent a diversity of practice settings and geographic dispersion of practitioners across the state.

    5. The Board may appoint an Executive Director who shall serve at the pleasure of the Board.

      1. In absence of the Executive Director, the Director of the Georgia Drugs and Narcotic Agency shall serve as the Assistant Executive Director and shall have all the powers of the Executive Director

  2. Term

    1. The term of office for each board member is five years or until their successors are appointed and qualified.

1O.C.G.A. § 26-4-22.


  1. Classifications and Requirements2

    1. The agency was created in 1908 as the Office of the Chief Drug Inspector.

    2. Now known as the Georgia Drugs and Narcotics Agency since 1976.

    3. The Georgia Drugs and Narcotics Agency is authorized by this Code section to enforce the drug laws of this state.

    4. The board of pharmacy shall appoint a director who shall be charged with supervision and control of such agency.

    5. The agency shall employ the number of personnel deemed necessary to properly protect the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of this state.

      1. Such personnel shall be pharmacists registered in this state when employed as either special agents or the deputy director.

    6. The director shall hold office at the pleasure of the board, and should any vacancy occur in said office for any cause whatsoever, said board shall appoint a successor at a regular or called meeting.

      1. The director shall be a pharmacist registered in this state.

  2. Duties and Responsibilities

    1. Visit and inspect factories, warehouses, wholesaling establishments, retailing establishments, chemical laboratories, and such other establishments in which any drugs, devices, cosmetics, and such articles known as family remedies, grocer’s drugs, and toilet articles are manufactured, processed, packaged, sold at wholesale, sold at retail, or otherwise held for introduction into commerce.

    2. Enter and inspect any vehicle used to transport or hold any drugs, devices, and/or cosmetics.

    3. Investigate alleged violations of laws and regulations regarding drugs, devices, and cosmetics by taking up samples of the articles (drugs, devices, and/or cosmetics) from any of the said establishments for examination and analysis by the state chemist, Code Section 26-4-131.

    4. Seize and take possession of all articles which are declared to be contraband under Chapter 13 of Title 16 and Chapter 3 of this title and this chapter, ...

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