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Pharmacists in Louisiana are subject to the Louisiana Board of Pharmacy and the laws that have been created by the legislatures. The State has two major laws dealing with the practice of pharmacy. The first one, the Louisiana Pharmacy Practice Act (LPPA), creates the Louisiana Board of Pharmacy (BOP) and outlines what rules should be created and enforced by the BOP. The other law, the Louisiana Controlled Dangerous Substance Act (LCSA), mimics the Federal Controlled Act with few exclusions.

Significant (but not all chapters) are discussed herein.


Chapter 1 introduces the board and details of the function of the board.

Important Facts

The Board of Pharmacy is able to regulate the practice of pharmacy in Louisiana pursuant to authority granted it by the Pharmacy Practice Act. (101)

The board has a president and at least one vice president that are elected from the members of the board by the members of the board. Additionally, one member is elected as a secretary for the board. These elections are held annually unless a vacancy occurs. The officers are elected for one-year terms. The board must be self-sustaining, meaning they do not receive money from the State. They are also required to hire an executive director who carries out the wishes of the board. (103)

The Board of Pharmacy is required to adhere to all state laws governing procedure and operation of public bodies. The Board follows Robert’s Rules of Order. Additionally, the board is required to have at least 30 minutes of every meeting open for public comments. No one public speaker may speak for more than 3 minutes per meeting. (105)

The board is allowed to create standing and special (short-term) committees and subcommittees to address specific pharmacy matters. (107)

There are a number of standing committees: Executive (president, vice president, secretary), regulations revision, reciprocity, impairment, violations, and reinstatement. Each has defined roles in this chapter and the impairment, violations, and reinstatement have additional duties outlined in Chapter 3. (109)

The official journal of the board is the Louisiana Board of Pharmacy Newsletter. All public notices must appear here, and by being published, here this is proof that all licensees were notified of updates from the board. (111)


Chapter 3 introduces the purpose and function of board meetings. The chapter describes how the board handles pharmacists who have not followed the rules.

Important Facts

The Board has jurisdiction over any person engaging in or assisting in the practice of pharmacy and over any matter relating to the practice of pharmacy in Louisiana. It also has the authority to promulgate ...

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