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Delegated Pharmacy Act

  • This is an activity related to pharmacy practice and performed by a licensed pharmacist.

  • Therapy management, providing flu vaccines, and activities of pharmacy technicians, students, or pharmacist candidates (graduates who have not yet become licensed) are not considered “delegated acts.”

Security in the Pharmacy

  • Prescription area must have reasonable temperature and ventilation parameters.

  • Prescription department must have capacity to be secured to prevent unauthorized individuals to enter the pharmacy.

  • Security alarm system is required.

  • The individual whose name is on the pharmacy’s permit is responsible for security.


  • Pharmacist—to practice, must be licensed in Maryland.

  • Renewals are every 2 years.

  • To become licensed as a pharmacist, he or she:

    • Must be graduate of ACPE-accredited school of pharmacy.

    • Take and pass Naplex and pharmacy law test (MPJE), which are defined as Part 1 and 2 of Exam I.

    • If required by the Board, an applicant might be required to take Exam II—Prescreening Test of Oral English Competency and, possibly, a Test of Oral English Competency.

    • Completion of either:

      • 1,000 hours of pharmacy college supervised experiential rotations, or

      • 1,560 hours of training under licensed pharmacist supervision.

    • Pharmacists who attended non-U.S. schools of pharmacy must have graduated from an ACPE-recognized school of pharmacy, take and pass Foreign Pharmacy Graduate Examination (FPGEE), complete a Maryland internship, take and pass the MPJE, if required by the Board take a Prescreening Test of Oral English Competency and, possibly, a Test of Oral English Competency.

  • Reciprocity

    • Apply to Board.

    • Completion of 520 hours of experience after graduation.

    • Pass MPJE for Maryland.

    • Pass Prescreening Test of Oral English Competency and, possibly, a Test of Oral English Competency.

  • 30-day requirement to notify the Board of Pharmacy that the pharmacist’s mailing address has changed.

  • Pharmacists working in Maryland must notify Board within 30 days of a change in their primary employer.

Continuing Education

  • 30 hours each 2-year license period.

    • 2 of the 30 hours must be live.

    • 1 hour of the 30 must be on topic of “medication errors.”

    • If pharmacist is certified to administer vaccines, 4 hours of the 30 per license period must be related to vaccinations.

Pharmacy Permits

  • Pharmacy—must have a pharmacy permit from Board.

  • Renewal every 2 years.

  • Each pharmacy must have its own permit.

  • Nonresident pharmacies (out of state) are allowed.

    • Must comply with all state pharmacy rules, regulations, and guidelines.

    • Must provide telephone counseling services (minimum of 40 hours per week).

Other Nonpharmacy or Nonpharmacist Required Permits

  • Drug wholesalers/distributors must obtain a permit from the Board.

  • Drug manufacturers must obtain a permit from the Board.

  • Permits must be renewed every 2 years.

Refuse to Fill

  • Licensed pharmacist may ...

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