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Controlled substances are discussed in detail within Oregon State Pharmacy Statutes “Chapter 475: Controlled Substances; Illegal Drug Cleanup; Paraphernalia; precursors,” and also in the Oregon State Pharmacy Rules “Division 80 Schedule of Controlled Substances.”

The 1st section of Chapter 475 reviews Oregon practices regarding controlled drugs. For further detail, see the full Chapter 475 on the Oregon State Board of Pharmacy’s website:

Controlled Substances and Changes

The board reviews federal changes, and then makes appropriate state changes, if it is deemed that changes are warranted.


Marijuana is a controlled substance, and is in Schedule II in Oregon, if it has a recognized medical purpose.


If it has a medical purpose, methamphetamine is in Schedule II in Oregon.


Annual state registration is necessary for manufacturing, delivery or dispensing of controlled substances in Oregon.

Order Forms Required

Federal order forms are used to distribute Schedule I and II drugs from one registrant to another.

Prescriptions for Controlled Substances

Schedule II prescriptions require a written prescription, and may not be refilled.

Emergency filling of a Schedule II prescription may be dispensed from oral or electronic prescriptions. These must be transcribed, filed, and retained as any other written controlled substance prescription. Within 7 days, (as is consistent with federal guidelines), a written prescription for that order must be delivered by the prescriber to the pharmacy.

Schedule III or IV prescriptions must be written, orally or electronically transmitted. These may be refilled only for 6 months from date issued, and for a maximum of 5 refills. More refills must be issued only pursuant to a new prescription.

In Oregon, Schedule V prescriptions (for legend drugs) have the same restrictions as indicated above for Schedule III and IV prescriptions.

Electronic Transmission of Controlled Substance Prescriptions

These may only be sent by prescribers to licensed pharmacists in a licensed pharmacy. All prescription information is necessary.

The order may be stored electronically or reduced to writing as soon as possible. Then the order must be stored in a way that is consistent with other prescription storing.

Oregon Marijuana Act

Symptoms of certain medical and disease conditions in Oregon have been approved for being treated with marijuana. Users (patients) require registration. Grow sites require registration.


The practice of pharmacy is defined in State Statutes Chapter 689, which includes applicable regulations relevant to pharmacists, pharmacies, drug outlets, and drug sales. For additional detail, see the ...

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