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Lange Smart Charts: Pharmacology is written specifically for students in the field of medicine. The book not only highlights the information that students need to learn for course examinations and for the pharmacology component of the USMLE Step 1 boards, but also makes it easier to study and remember this material.

The unique approach of this book is immediately apparent. Tables and diagrams are used exclusively to present well-selected information clearly and concisely. This chart method gives an instant picture of how the various facts are connected, thereby making study time productive and successful. The special feature Terms to Learn introduces each chapter and provides the reader with the minimum essentials needed for a quick understanding of the high-yield facts—the information most often targeted on examinations and boards. Mnemonics are also included throughout the book to make immediate recall easier.

The material presented in Pharmacology Smart Charts is detailed enough for review in pharmacology courses, yet concise enough for board review. The selection and organization of information is designed to promote efficient use of study time by reducing the amount of re-reading required to master this subject area.

As this text's largest market is the United States, I have only included medications currently sold in the United States and their brand names. Also, I have attempted to include the current U.S. boxed warnings for each drug in the adverse effects/side effects column as well as the most common side effects and the "quintessential" side effects that tend to be on examinations.

Many thanks to Dr. Nisarg Patel for his assistance with the second edition of this text.

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