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Chapter 6: Microbial Metabolism

The synthesis of which of the following cell components is dependent on a template?

(A) Lipopolysaccharide

(B) Peptidoglycan

(C) Capsular polysaccharide

(D) Deoxyribonucleic acid

(E) Phospholipids

The synthesis of which of the following cell components is determined entirely by enzyme specificities?


(B) Ribosomal RNA

(C) Flagella

(D) Lipopolysaccharide

(E) Protein

The steps leading to the synthesis of peptidoglycan occur in the cytoplasm, on the cytoplasmic membrane, and extracellularly. Which antibiotic inhibits an extracellular step in peptidoglycan biosynthesis?

(A) Cycloserine

(B) Rifampin

(C) Penicillin

(D) Bacitracin

(E) Streptomycin

Amino acids are found in the protein, peptidoglycan, and capsule of bacteria. Which of the following amino acids is found only in peptidoglycan?

(A) l-Lysine

(B) Diaminopimelic acid

(C) d-Glutamate

(D) l-Alanine

(E) None of the above

The ability to use compounds and ions other than oxygen as terminal oxidants in respiration is a widespread microbial trait. This capacity is called

(A) Photosynthesis

(B) Fermentation

(C) Anaerobic respiration

(D) Substrate phosphorylation

(E) Nitrogen fixation

The primary route of carbon assimilation used by organisms that can use CO2 as a sole source of carbon is

(A) Hexose monophosphate shunt

(B) Entner-Doudoroff pathway

(C) Embden-Meyerhof pathway

(D) Glyoxalate cycle

(E) Calvin cycle

The peptidoglycan biosynthetic pathway is of particular importance in medicine because it provides a basis for selective antibacterial action of several chemotherapeutic agents. All of the following antibiotics ...

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