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Chapter 40: Paramyxoviruses and Rubella Virus

A 4-year-old boy develops an acute febrile illness. His pediatrician diagnoses mumps. The organ most commonly exhibiting signs of mumps is the

(A) Lungs

(B) Ovary

(C) Parotid glands

(D) Skin

(E) Testes

The paramyxoviruses include the most important causes of respiratory infections in infants and young children. Which of the following is not characteristic of paramyxoviruses?

(A) Genome is negative-sense RNA.

(B) Envelope contains a glycoprotein with fusion activity.

(C) Paramyxoviruses do not undergo genetic reassortment.

(D) Replication cycle occurs in cytoplasm of susceptible cells.

(E) Genome is segmented.

A 2-month-old infant developed a respiratory illness that the pediatrician diagnosed as bronchiolitis. The most likely cause of the disease is

(A) Parainfluenza virus type 4

(B) Respiratory syncytial virus

(C) Influenza virus

(D) Metapneumovirus

(E) Measles virus

Several paramyxoviruses can cause pneumonia in infants or children. For which of the following paramyxoviruses is there an effective vaccine available that would prevent pneumonia?

(A) Parainfluenza virus type 1

(B) Measles virus

(C) Respiratory syncytial virus

(D) Mumps virus

(E) Metapneumovirus

A 27-year-old woman who is 2 months’ pregnant develops fever, malaise, and arthralgia. A fine maculopapular rash appears on her face, trunk, and extremities. Rubella is diagnosed, and there is concern that the fetus will be infected, resulting in the congenital rubella syndrome. Which of the following statements about this syndrome is correct?

(A) The disease can be prevented by vaccination of school-age children with measles vaccine.

(B) Congenital abnormalities occur when a nonimmune pregnant woman is infected at any time during pregnancy.

(C) Deafness is a common defect associated with congenital rubella syndrome.

(D) Only rare strains of rubella virus are teratogenic.

(E) None of the above


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