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A 28-year-old man was seen by a neurologist because he had experienced prolonged episodes of tingling and numbness in his right arm. He underwent a neurologic exam to evaluate his sensory nervous system. Which of the following receptors is correctly paired with the type of stimulus to which it is most apt to respond?

A. Pacinian corpuscle and motion.

B. Meissner corpuscle and deep pressure.

C. Merkel cells and warmth.

D. Ruffini corpuscles and sustained pressure.

E. Muscle spindle and tension.


A. are activated by strong pressure, severe cold, severe heat, and chemicals.

B. are absent in visceral organs.

C. are specialized structures located in the skin and joints.

D. are innervated by group II afferents.

E. are involved in acute but not chronic pain.

A generator potential

A. always leads to an action potential.

B. increases in amplitude as a more intense stimulus is applied.

C. is an all-or-none phenomenon.

D. is unchanged when a given stimulus is applied repeatedly over time.

E. All of the above.

Sensory systems code for the following attributes of a stimulus:

A. modality, location, intensity, and duration.

B. threshold, receptive field, adaptation, and discrimination.

C. touch, taste, hearing, and smell.

D. threshold, laterality, sensation, and duration.

E. sensitization, discrimination, energy, and projection.

Which of the following are correctly paired?

A. Neuropathic pain and withdrawal reflex

B. First pain and dull, intense, diffuse, and unpleasant feeling

C. Physiologic pain and allodynia

D. Second pain and C fibers

E. Nociceptive pain and nerve damage

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