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Dr. Zgarrick is Acting Dean and professor of the School of Pharmacy at Northeastern University’s Bouvé College of Health Sciences. He received a BS degree in pharmacy from the University of Wisconsin and a MS and PhD in pharmaceutical administration from the Ohio State University. He has practice experience in both independent and chain community pharmacy settings. He teaches courses in pharmacy management, business planning for professional services, and drug literature evaluation. His research interests are in pharmacist workforce issues, professional service development, and the use of evidence-based medicine by pharmacists.



After completing this chapter, readers should be able to

  1. Define the terms management and manager. Describe how concepts in management figure into our everyday lives.

  2. Compare and contrast management and leadership.

  3. Compare and contrast classical views of management with modern views.

  4. Describe the management process within the contexts of what managers do, resources they manage, and levels at which managers perform their roles.

  5. Integrate modern views of management with the management process.

  6. Apply the management process to all personal and professional activities.


Krista Connelly is a second-year pharmacy student. Like most second-year students, she describes her life as “incredibly stressed out.” A typical day consists of getting up at 6 am, getting dressed and running out the door by 7 am, and driving to school to get to her first class by 8 am (making sure to avoid the accident on the expressway that she heard about on her way out the door). While at school, she finds time to squeeze in cups of coffee and snack bars between the lectures, labs, and workshops that usually last until at least 4 pm. She also makes a point to go to the library to prepare upcoming assignments, as well as to meet with her professors to review how she did on her examinations.

After class today, Krista has an Academy of Students of Pharmacy (ASP) meeting. Krista is the president of her chapter and works with committee chairs to accomplish the goals of the organization. In the past few weeks, she has helped the new professional service chairperson develop a diabetes screening program, talked her fundraising chairperson out of quitting, and wrote a report on each committee’s activities for the chapter website. While Krista enjoys her leadership role in ASP, she finds some of the people she works with to be frustrating and wonders how she can motivate them to do a better job.

After her meeting, Krista drives to a fast-food restaurant to grab a quick dinner on her way to her part-time pharmacy intern job. If she is not working, she will head to a friend’s house to study for an upcoming examination. She usually gets back to her apartment by 10 pm and mentally prepares for what she ...

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