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Contributors to Pharmacotherapy: A Pathophysiologic Approach must disclose potential conflicts-of-interest and are not permitted to receive payment or services from any third party (e.g. commercial entity, private foundation, government agency, etc.) to support any aspect of the contribution. Contributors have declared the following potential conflicts-of-interest:

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Adams, Val—none

Ahiskali, Aileen—none

Alleen, Rondall—none

Alvarez, Carlos—none

Anandan, JV—none

Argamany, Jacqueline—none

Armstrong, Edward— Consultant: Strategic Therapeutics, LLC

Attridge, Rebecca—none

Baca, Christine—none

Barletta, Jeffrey—none

Barnett, Chad—none

Bates, Brittany—none

Battistella, Marisa—none

Bauer, Steven—none

Bauman, Jerry—none

Bemben, Nina—none

Bolesta, Scott—none

Borchert, Jill—none

Borgelt, Laura—Grant Funding: Pfizer

Boster, Bonnie—none

Boucher, Bradley—none

Bourdet, Sharya— Spousal Employment and Stock Ownership: Theravance, Inc.

Brahm, Nancy—none

Brophy, Donald—none

Buckley, Peter—none

Burgess, David—none

Buys, Lucinda—none

Calis, Karim—none

Carver, Peggy—none

Cavallari, Larisa—none

Chan, Alexandre—none

Chan C.Y., Jennifer—none

Chen, Jack—none

Chen, Judy—none

Chessman, Katherine—none

Chow, Sheryl—none

Churchwell, Mariann—none

Chyka, Peter—none

Clark, Nathan—none

Clement, Jessica—none

Clements, Jennifer—none

Cook, Kristen—none

Cordes, Lisa—none

Gray, Shelly—none

Greene, Elisa—none

Gross, Alan—none

Gulliver, Wayne—none

Gums, John—Consultant: Boehringer Ingelheim

Hagemann, Tracy—none

Haines, Stuart—none

Hajjar, Emily—Consultant: Prime Therapeutics

Halilovic Maker, Jenana—none

Haney, Jason—none

Hanlon, Joseph—none

Harkins, Michelle—none

Harrell, Kristopher—none

Hayney, Mary—none

Hemstreet, Brian—none

Herndon, Christopher—none

Hersh, Lauren—none

Hobgood, Sarah—none

Hoeben, Barbara—none

Holle, Lisa—none

Holt, Jessica—none

Honkonen, Marcella—none

Hudson, Joanna—none

Hwang, Andrew—none

Johnson, Heather—none

Kakuda, Thomas—Stock Ownership: Johnson & Johnson

Kane, Michael— Grant Funding: AstraZeneca and Raw Amour

Kang-Birken S., Lena—none

Kanji, Salmaan—none

Kattura, Rania—none

Kincaid, Scott—none

Kirchain, William—none

Kirkwood, Cynthia—none

Kirkwood, Cynthia—none

Klootwyk, Jacqueline—none

Kolesar, Jill— Founder and Co-owner: Helix Diagnostics; Patent: Direct detection methods of nucleic acids (RNA and DNA)

Kumpf, Vanessa—none

Lam, Sum—none

Lam Y. W., Francis—none

Lange, Richard—none

LaPlante, Kerry—none

Lau, Alan—none

Law, David—none

Lee, Mary— Royalties: American College of Clinical Pharmacy and American Society of Health System-Pharmacists

Rivera, Jose—none

Rodgers, Jo—none

Roecker, Andrew—none

Rogers, Kelly—none

Rovner, Eric— Consultant: Allergan, Astellas Pharma, and Ferring Pharmaceuticals

Ruehter, Valerie—none

Ryan, Melody—none

Rybak, Michael— Consultant: Allergan, Cempra Pharmaceuticals, Merck, and The Medicine Company; Speaker Bureau: Allergan, Merck, and The Medicine Company

Sanoski, Cynthia—none

Saseen, Joseph—none

Scarpace, Sarah—Speaker Bureau: Eli Lilly and Merck

Schneiderhan, Mark—none

Schuna, Arthur—none

Seung, Amy—none

Shealy, Kayce—none

Sheehan, Amy—none

Shenberger-Trujillo, Jessica—none

Shord, Stacy—none

Shrader, Sarah—none

Sias, Jeri—none

Slain, Douglas—none

Slattum, Patricia—none

Smith, Judith—none

Sorkness, Christine—none

Sowinski, Kevin—none

Spinler, Sarah—none

Costanigro, Lisa—none

Cota, Jason—none

Coyle, Elizabeth—none

Crill, Catherine—none

Crismon M., Lynn—none

Crona, Daniel—none

DAbb, Alix—none

Dager, William—none

Dasta, Jospeph— Consultant: Bayer A.G.; Stock Ownership: Pfizer, Merck, Lilly, BMS, Abbott, Abbvie and Express scripts

Davidson, DeWayne—none

Davis, Lisa—none

de Denus, Simon—none

Decker, Brian—none

Deming, Paulina—none

Devlin, John—none

DiPiro, Cecily—none

Dobesh, Paul—none

Doering, Paul—none

Donohoe, Krista—none

Dopheide, Julie—none

Dopp, John—none

Dowling, Thomas—none

Dowling, Thomas—none

Drayton, Shannon—none

Dresser, Linda—none

Duhon, Bryson—none

Elshaboury, Ramy—none

Erickson, Steven—none

Ernst, Michael—none

Erstad, Brian—none

Fabel, Patricia—none

Fagan, Susan C—none

Fausel, Christopher— Expert Witness

Fields, Christopher—none

Finks, Shannon—none

Fiscella, Richard—Stock Ownership: Allergan

Fish, Douglas—none

Flurie, Rachel—none

Fravel, Michelle—none

Frei, Christopher— Grant Funding: Bristol Myers Squibb, Forest, Pfizer, and Pharmacyclics

Frei, Bradi—none

Glover, Mark—none

Gravatt Leigh, Anne—none

Lee, Grace—none

Lesaer, Timothy—none

Levine, Deborah—none

Li, Robin—none

Liewer, Susanne—none

Loya, Amanda—none

Maclaren, Robert—none

MacLaughlin, Eric—none

Mangione, Robert—none

Mattox, Todd—none

May J., Russell—none

McCullough, Kristen—none

Melton, Sarah—none

Merten, Julianna—Consultant: Carindal Health

Michaud, Laura—none

Minor, Deborah—none

Mohorn, Phillip—none

Montgomery, Patricia—none

Moote, Rebecca—none

Mueller, Scott—none

Nahata, Milap—none

Nappi, Jean—none

Nelson, Leigh Anne—none

Nguyen, Viet-Huong—none

Njoku, Jessica—none

Nolin, Thomas—none

O'Braynt, Cindy—none

O'Connell Mary, Beth—none

Odle, Brian—none

Olsen, Keith—none

Pai, Amy—none

Peloquin, Charles—none

Perkins, Janelle—none

Peron, Emily—none

Peters, Jay—none

Phelps, Stephanie—none

Phillips, Bradley—none

Pick, Amy—none

Pilch, Nicole—none

Pincus, Kathleen—none

Pliszka, Steven—none

Powers, Kacie—none

Prince, Randall—none

Ragucci, Kelly—none

Rao, Kamakshi—none

Ray, James—none

Reed, Michael—none

Resman-Targoff, Beth—none

Stewart, Douglas—none

Stoner, Steven—none

Strickland, Jennifer—none

Sturpe, Deborah—none

Sylvia, Lynne—none

Taketomo, Carol—none

Thiele, Geoffrey—none

Thiman, Michael—none

Trinkman, Heidi—Consultant: LexiComp

Triplitt, Curtis— Consultant: AstraZeneca, NovoNordisk and Sanofi; Speaker Bureau: Boehringer Ingelheim, AstraZeneca and NovoNordisk

Umland, Elena—none

Vera, Yolanda—none

Veverka, Angie—none

Walko, Christine—none

Ward, Kristina—none

Wazny, Lori—none

Weber, Robert—none

Wheless, James—none

Wheless, James—none

Wiedenfeld, Sara—none

Williams, Dennis—none

Wong Pei, Shieen—none

Wood, Chris—none

Wright, Chanin—none

Wyman, Jean—none

Yanovski, Jack— Grant Funding: Zafgen Inc. and Rhythm Pharmaceuticals

Zlott, Daniel—none

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