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Section 1: Foundation Issues

What are compelling reasons for needing cultural competency in healthcare?

A. Health disparities are declining and are no longer relevant

B. The diversity of patients encountered in the U.S. has plateaued

C. Health professional shortages are no longer present improving provider-patient concordance

D. Medication errors can be reduced by improving linguistic competency in an organization

The answer is D.

Based on the cultural competency models addressed in the chapter, which of the following is true?

A. The LEARN model describes providers as going through distinct stages of change ranging from cultural destructiveness to cultural proficiency

B. Cultural competency is achieved through experience, skills, knowledge, and a positive attitude

C. The Purnell model describes providers as progressing through a continuum of cultural consciousness ranging from the unconsciously incompetent to the unconsciously competent

D. Cultural humility plays a minor role in connecting the skills, encounters, and desire to work across cultures

The answer is C.

According to the 2000 Executive Order 13166 of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act, which of the following services should a healthcare organization meet to receive federal funding (eg, Medicare)?

A. Recruit, retain, and promote a diverse staff and leadership representative of the service area demographics

B. Offer and provide meaningful access to language services at a nominal cost to patients with limited English proficiency

C. Make easy-to-understand printed materials available in languages used frequently in the population served

D. Using family or minors as interpreters may be used if requested by the patient

The answer is C.

The Patient Explanatory model includes:

A. Explaining the pathophysiologic process of diseases

B. Identifying potential causes of illness

C. Involving the family and community in deciding the treatment for a patient

D. Navigating between spiritual and family leaders to help the patient improve

The answer is B.

The "4 Cs" method to elicit patients' understanding of their health and illnesses includes asking patients…


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