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Section 5: Renal Disorders

The glomerulus is primarily responsible for ______ of unbound drug in the kidney:

A. Filtration

B. Reabsorption

C. Secretion

D. Endocytosis

The answer is A.

Active drug secretion occurs most often in which of the following nephron segments:

A. Glomerulus

B. Proximal tubule

C. Loop of Henle

D. Distal tubule

The answer is B.

Which of the following is/are involved in drug efflux at the basolateral membrane of the proximal tubule:




D. Both A and B

The answer is D.

According to the intact nephron hypothesis, reabsorption ______ and single nephron glomerular filtration rate (GFR) ______ in the surviving nephrons:

A. Increases, increases

B. Decreases, decreases

C. Increases, decreases

D. Decreases, increases

The answer is D.

The kidney is responsible for synthesizing each of the following hormones, EXCEPT:

A. Erythropoietin

B. Prostaglandin

C. Parathyroid hormone

D. Renin

The answer is C.

The decreased serum creatinine values observed during dobutamine therapy are likely due to:

A. Analytical interference

B. Increased tubular secretion of creatinine

C. Increased GFR caused by dobutamine

D. Increased muscle breakdown

The answer is A.

Which of the following renal function indices is least influenced by changes in fluid or volume status:

A. Serum creatinine

B. Blood urea nitrogen

C. Urine specific gravity


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