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What is the classification of cephalexin?

a. Antibiotic, cephalosporin

b. Antifungal

c. Antiviral

d. Antiprotozoal

J.G. presents a prescription for Omnicef. As most states allow generic substitution of medications when an equivalent is available, what generic would be dispensed for Omnicef?

a. Levofloxacin

b. Ciprofloxacin

c. Cefdinir

d. Doxycycline

The attending physician wants your help in prescribing a fluoroquinolone antibiotic for a patient. All of the following might be an option EXCEPT:

a. Avelox

b. Cleocin

c. Levaquin

d. Cipro

Which of the following is the generic name of Flagyl?

a. Azithromycin

b. Acyclovir

c. Metronidazole

d. Amoxicillin/clavulanate

What is the classification of Augmentin?

a. Antibiotic, sulfonamide

b. Antibiotic, fluoroquinolone

c. Antibiotic, macrolide

d. Antibiotic, beta lactam

A patient presents a prescription at your pharmacy for Zithromax. What is the classification of this medication?

a. Antibiotic, macrolide

b. Antibiotic, tetracycline

c. Antibiotic, penicillin

d. Antibiotc, fluoroquinolone

What is the generic name of Cleocin?

a. Cephalosporin

b. Ciprofloxacin

c. Clindamycin

d. Valacyclovir

S.T. comes to your pharmacy with a prescription for valacyclovir. What type of infection is most likely being treated?

a. Bacterial

b. Viral

c. Fungal

d. Protozoal

L.A. comes to your pharmacy with a prescription for ...

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