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Tier 1

Your pharmacist preceptor asks you to pull the generic of Amaryl off the shelf at the pharmacy. What medication bottle would you provide the pharmacist?

a. Glipizide

b. Metformin

c. Alendronate

d. Glimepiride

A patient presents to your pharmacy with a prescription for Glucophage. As generic substitution is allowed when a generic equivalent is available, what medication would be provided to the patient?

a. Glipizide

b. Metformin

c. Pioglitazone

d. Glimepiride

What is the classification of Actos?

a. Thyroid supplement

b. Hormone

c. Antidiabetic

d. Corticosteroid

What is the generic of Victoza?

a. Liraglutide

b. Linagliptin

c. Exenatide

d. Glyburide

What is the generic of Glucotrol?

a. Glyburide

b. Glipizide

c. Metformin

d. Glyburide with metformin

Which of the following medication is a progesterone hormone?

a. Prometrium

b. Estrace

c. Prandin

d. Estraderm

B.J. is a patient with type 2 diabetes who has recently been initiated on insulin therapy. The physician started him on a long-acting (basal) insulin, insulin glargine. What is the brand name of this medication?

a. NovoLog

b. Lantus

c. Levemir

d. Humalog

M.J. is a patient with diabetes who has just switched from her Humulin R to insulin lispro. What brand name medication would be provided to M.J.?

a. Levemir

b. NovoLog

c. Humalog


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