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Which of the following is an antimetabolite?

a. Methotrexate

b. Fubuxostat

c. Tolterodine

d. Cyclosporine

What is the generic name of Levitra?

a. Vardenafil

b. Loteprednol

c. Sildenafil

d. Anastrozole

A 65-year-old patient presents to her opthamologist prior to a scheduled surgery. The physician prescribes a corticosteroid eye drop. Which of the following may have been prescribed?

a. Travatan Z

b. Lotemax

c. Xalatan

d. Restasis

A patient presents to your pharmacy with a prescription for Prograf. A generic is available for this medication. What medication will be dispensed?

a. Finasteride

b. Tadalafil

c. Fubuxostat

d. Tacrolimus

What is the generic name of Arimidex?

a. Brimonidine

b. Anastrozole

c. Tolterodine

d. Allopurinol

The brand name of methotrexate is _________.

a. Lotemax

b. Arimidex

c. Lotrisone

d. Trexall

Which of the following is classified as an agent for glaucoma?

a. Restasis

b. Arimidex

c. Xalatan

d. Aranesp

Which of the following generic name/classification pairs is correct?

a. Bimatoprost/Antiglaucoma agent

b. Colchicine/Anaphylaxis agent

c. Tacrolimus/Antigout agent

d. Tadalafil/topical analgesic

The classification of Alphagan P is _______.

a. Antimetabolite

b. Corticosteroid


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