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Harrison'sTM Principles of Internal Medicine, 20th edition

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Two Volume Set ISBN 978-1-259-64403-0; MHID 1-259-64403-0

Volume 1 ISBN 978-1-259-64399-6; MHID 1-259-64399-9

Volume 2 ISBN 978-1-259-64401-6; MHID 1-259-64401-4

eBook Two Volume Set ISBN 978-1-259-64404-7; MHID 1-259-64404-9

Volume 1 eBook ISBN 978-1-259-64400-9; MHID 1-259-64400-6

Volume 2 eBook ISBN 978-1-259-64402-3; MHID 1-259-64402-2



Arabic: (13e): McGraw-Hill Libri Italia srl (1996)

Albanian: (17e): Tabernakul Publishing, Skopje, Macedonia

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Chinese Short Form: (15e, 19e): McGraw-Hill Education (Asia), Singapore

Croatian: (16e): Placebo, Split, Croatia

French: (16e, 18e): Medecine-Sciences Flammarion, Paris, France

Georgian: (19e): Tbilisi State Medical University, Tbilisi, Georgia

German: (17e, 18e, 19e): ABW Wissenschaftsverlagsgesellschaft GmbH, Berlin, Germany

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Turkish: (17e, 19e): Nobel Tip Kitabevleri, Ltd., Istanbul, Turkey

Vietnamese: (15e): McGraw-Hill Education (Asia), Singapore


This book was set in Palatino by Cenveo® Publisher Services. The editors were James F. Shanahan and Kim J. Davis. The production manager was Jeffrey Herzich. Project management was provided by Anupriya Tyagi, Cenveo Publisher Services. The index was prepared by Susan Hunter. The text designer was Janice Bielawa; the cover design was by Anthony Landi.

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