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1.5.2: Advocate individual and population-based health and safety, considering processes, evaluation of, and responses regarding medication errors

Review the following prescription for capecitabine for a female patient with colon cancer who weighs 123 lb and is 65 inches tall (BSA = 1.6 m2): Capecitabine (Xenical) 500 mg tablets. Take 4 tablets po bid 30 minutes after a meal. Take medication for 14 days then do not take for 7 days rest period. Repeat cycle every 21 days. Qty: 112 tablets Refills: 2 Identify an error with the above prescription that will require clarification with the prescriber.

(A) Frequency

(B) Route

(C) Instructions in regards to food

(D) Schedule of 14 days on medicine and 7 days off medicine

(E) Drug name

The correct answer is (E).

This was written in error. The brand name of capecitabine is Xeloda. Xenical is orlistat, a weight loss prescription medication.

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