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Chapter 10: Legal Aspects of Drug Information Practice

All of the following would result in holding the pharmacist providing drug information to a higher standard except:

a. The drug information query pertains to pediatrics and the pharmacist is a Board Certified Pediatric Pharmacist (BCPP).

b. The pharmacist knows the patient is an alcoholic and Nyquil® elixir is prescribed.

c. The pharmacist graduated at the top of her class from one of the best pharmacy schools in the country.

d. The pharmacist runs a drug information center.

e. The pharmacist is aware that the patient is opioid naïve and fentanyl patch is prescribed.

c. The pharmacist graduated at the top of her class from one of the best pharmacy schools in the country.

In which of the following scenarios would tort liability attach to the provision of drug information if harm occurs:

a. Upon recommendation to the P&T Committee by the Drug Information coordinator, the hospital's formulary preferred statin is now simvastatin. Via a therapeutic interchange protocol, the patient was placed on simvastatin. Myopathy developed.

b. The pharmacy is contacted by a nurse and asked the following drug information question: Can ceftriaxone be administered in the same IV line with calcium gluconate? The pharmacist says they are compatible but does not consult either Trissel's or King's Guide, both of which identify the combination as incompatible. The patient is harmed when crystals form in the IV line.

c. A pharmacist correctly recommends the right medication for a specific patient at the correct dose and regimen. The patient develops an iatrogenic reaction to the drug.

d. a and b

e. a, b, and c

d. a and b

Which of the following drug information scenarios may result in vicarious liability?

a. The pharmacist undertakes to warn the patient about the adverse effects from ciprofloxacin, but fails to warn of tendonitis.

b. The pharmacist is too busy to counsel the patient on the warning against sunbathing while on doxycycline. She instructs the pharmacy technician to counsel the patient instead. The technician instructs the patient not to take a bath while taking the drug. The patient goes to the beach and harm results.

c. The pharmacist receives a drug information query from a prescriber asking ...

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