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Chapter 7. Conducting the Comprehensive Medication Review

All of the following statements are true regarding the CMR EXCEPT

a. CMRs can be performed in various settings.

b. CMRs are only effective if provided face-to-face.

c. Pharmacists performing CMRs should assess prescription medications, OTC medications, herbals and vitamins, and any other products used by the patient for their health.

d. The medication list produced after a CMR can be communicated with the patient and the prescriber in order to help with the coordination of care.

e. CMRs involve direct patient interaction.

Answer b.

Which of the following may contribute to inaccuracies and discrepancies in medication use information?

a. Mental issues or cognitive impairment.

b. Language barriers.

c. Low health literacy.

d. Vision problems.

e. All of the above.

Answer e.

Which information is important to keep in mind when preparing the patient for the CMR?

a. Reminding the patient to bring in any lab results to the CMR appointment can save time and help the pharmacist make more sound clinical judgements during the review.

b. The CMR should always be scheduled during a time that is most convenient for the pharmacist.

c. Reminders are not recommended to assist the patient in attending their CMR appointment.

d. The pharmacist should not inform patients of what to expect during the CMR, as it will only lead to them having unrealistic expectations.

e. In order to protect the patient’s privacy, caregivers should not be included in the CMR interview.

Answer a.

When preparing for the CMR, the pharmacist could benefit from gathering

a. the patient’s diseases states, either from medical/pharmacy records or inferred from drug listings.

b. the patient’s medication list from claims data or other medical databases.

c. a listing of all of the patient’s healthcare providers.

d. a list of potential medication therapy problems that may need assessing during the CMR.

e. all of the ...

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