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To my wife Celine and our children Jared, Ireland, Gabriel, Max, and Jack; and their cousins Lia, Sophia, Joshua, Cayden, Ethan, Nathan, Kelsey, Robert, Stefani, Ella, Reid, Roman, Marcus, Jared, Hannah, Tanner, Liam, Maia, Riley, Sydney, Luke, Cole, Desiree, Celeste, Connlan, Isabelle, Nathan, Simon, Thomas, James, Alexandre, Lyla, Logan, William, Lincoln, Emmett, Andilynn, Greyson, Kennedy, Davis, Caleb, Charlotte, Adeline, and Penny.

I could not ask for a better family.

—David A. Morton

To my devoted family: my wife, Cindy, and our two daughters Hannah and Kaia. I would also like to posthumously dedicate this second edition to Dr. Carolee Moncur, without her mentorship and inspiration this book would not have been possible.

—K. Bo Foreman

To David and Bo, co-authoring this book (both editions) with you completes a mentoring circle for me. I am proud to have you as my colleagues and friends. To my wife, Laura Lake, and our adult children Erik and Kristin. Thank you for your patience with and understanding of my efforts to contribute to biomedical education and research. A delight for me is that the topic of human anatomy is enjoyed by our four grandchildren Breneé, Marlee, Callan, and Emery, each of whom leafs through the first edition of the Big Picture Gross Anatomy book. Hopefully, they will do the same with this, the second, edition.

—Kurt H. Albertine

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