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Early in his life my father, Gordon Morton, went to an art school. He purchased a copy of Gray's Anatomy to help him draw the human form. That book sat on our family's bookshelf all throughout my life and I would continually look through its pages in wonder of the complexity and miracle of the human body. After I completed high school my father gave me that book which I have kept in my office ever since. I acknowledge and thank my father and my mother (Gabriella) for their influence in my life. Thank you to my co-authors, Dr. Foreman and Dr. Albertine—they are a joy to work with and I look forward to many years of collaborating with them.

I express a warm thank you to Michael Weitz. His dedication, help, encouragement, vision, leadership, and friendship were key to the successful completion of this title. I also express great thanks to Susan Kelly. She was a joy to work with through rain, shine, snow, tennis competitions, and life in general—I thank her for her eagle eye and encouraging telephone conversations and e-mails. Thank you to Karen Davis, Armen Ovsepyan, Brian Kearns, John Williams, and to the folks at Dragonfly Media Group for the care and attention they provided in creating the images for this title. Finally, a warm thank you to my wife and best friend Celine. Her unyielding support and encouragement through long nights of writing were always there to cheer me on. I adore her.

David A. Morton

I thank my parents, Ken Foreman and Lynn Christensen, as well as my mentor and friend, Dr. Albertine. A special thank you to Cyndi Schluender and my students for their contributions to my educational endeavors. I also express a great thanks to Dr. Morton for his continued encouragement and support in writing this textbook.

K. Bo Foreman

Many medical educators and biomedical scientists contributed to my training that helped lead to writing medical education textbooks such as this one. Notable mentors are C.C.C. O'Morchoe, S. Zitzlsperger, and N.C. Staub. For this textbook, however, I offer my thanks to my co-authors Dr. Morton and Dr. Foreman. Co-authoring this textbook with them has been and continues to be a thrill because now my once doctoral degree students are my colleagues in original educational scholarship. What better emblem of success could a mentor ask for? So, to David and Bo, thank you! I enjoy watching your academic success as your careers flourish as medical educators and scholars.

Kurt H. Albertine


Aerial view of University of Utah campus, Salt Lake City, Utah. Photo taken by Kurt Albertine, educator and author.

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