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In this book, we highlight key terms using a few different formats, to help identify the most important facts to learn for the Step 1.

Blue bold text is used for key biochemistry terms, such as microtubules, histones, and so on. These are topics that are often tested on Step 1 and are worth paying extra attention to.

Red bold text is used for clinical correlates and disease, such as Kartagener syndrome or aminoglycoside antibiotics. These relate directly to the Biochemistry topics discussed in that section and often help connect Biochemistry to other topics across the Step 1 exam.

Regular bold text is also used to help emphasize high-yield facts, such as key symptoms of diseases, to help you quickly review sections or read through more efficiently.

We have tried to use this consistent structure so that whenever you use this book, whether the first time or for review later on, you can easily find what you’re looking for and quickly identify high-yield information.

David DiTullio

Esteban C. Dell’Angelica, PhD

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