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Chapter 22. Reproductive Development & Function of the Female Reproductive System

If a young woman has high plasma levels of T3, cortisol, and renin activity but her blood pressure is only slightly elevated and she has no symptoms or signs of thyrotoxicosis or Cushing syndrome, the most likely explanation is that

A. she has been treated with TSH and ACTH.

B. she has been treated with T3 and cortisol.

C. she is in the third trimester of pregnancy.

D. she has an adrenocortical tumor.

E. she has been subjected to chronic stress.

In humans, fertilization usually occurs in the

A. vagina.

B. cervix.

C. uterine cavity.

D. uterine tubes.

E. abdominal cavity.

Which of the following is not a steroid?

A. 17α-hydroxyprogesterone

B. Estrone

C. Relaxin

D. Pregnenolone

E. Etiocholanolone

Which of the following probably triggers the onset of labor?

A. ACTH in the fetus

B. ACTH in the mother

C. Prostaglandins

D. Oxytocin

E. Placental renin

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