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Respiratory Disorders (Cough, Cold, Allergy)

Tier 1

________ is the generic name for Zyrtec.

a. Diphenhydramine

b. Loratadine

c. Cetirizine

d. Naphazoline

A patient comes to your pharmacy to get chlorpheniramine for her allergy symptoms. In what section of the over-the-counter pharmacy aisles would she find this product?

a. Antitussives

b. Analgesics

c. Decongestants

d. Antihistamines

Which of the following has the correct generic name/classification pair?

a. Dextromethorphan/protussive

b. Cromolyn sodium/mast cell stabilizer

c. Diphenhydramine/decongestant

d. Pseudoephedrine/antihistamine

Dextromethorphan is available in all of the following dosage formulations EXCEPT:

a. Capsule

b. Extended-release liquid

c. Chewable tablet

d. Oral syrup

Which of the following can be classified as an antitussive, antihistamine, and antiemetic agent?

a. Guaifenesin

b. Diphenhydramine

c. Dextromethorphan

d. Loratadine

This product may be classified as an immune stimulant to help treat upper respiratory tract infections:

a. Cromolyn sodium

b. Evening primrose oil

c. Echinacea

d. Guaifenesin

Fexofenadine is indicated to treat which of the following conditions?

a. Cough

b. Allergic rhinitis

c. Common cold

d. Congestion

You are having a topic discussion with your preceptor about expectorants. Which of the following medications would be part of your discussion?

a. Oxymetazoline

b. Guaifenesin

c. Dextromethorphan

d. Pseudoephedrine


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