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Miscellaneous Ophthalmic, Otic, and Oral Disorders

Tier 1

A patient walks up to your pharmacy counter inquiring about Biotene. All of the following are true regarding Biotene EXCEPT:

a. It is a brand of artificial saliva

b. It is indicated to treat cold sores

c. It is classified as an oral lubricant

d. It is available as an oral solution

An example of an ocular lubricant to recommend to a patient for self-treatment is which of the following?

a. Carbamide peroxide

b. Cryotherapy

c. Artificial tears

d. Salicylic acid

Benzocaine is classified as which of the following?

a. Astringent

b. Topical analgesic

c. Local anesthetic

d. Topical antiviral

A patient is looking for the brand of carbamide peroxide. One correct brand of this product is which of the following?

a. Cepacol

b. Abreva

c. Domeboro

d. Debrox

Which of the following brand/generic pairings is correct?

a. Abreva/docosanol

b. Zaditor/artificial tears

c. Mucinex/oral menthol

d. Nicorette/niacin

Which of the following agents would be found in the antiseptic section of the OTC aisles?

a. Nasal saline

b. Hydrogen peroxide

c. Carbamide peroxide

d. Zinc

Tier 2

Some artificial saliva products have significant amounts of which of the following requiring some patients, especially those with renal failure, to use cautiously?

a. Electrolytes

b. Lubricants

c. Sugars

d. Proteins

Which of the following is INCORRECT to tell your patient as ...

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