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Mineral, Dietary, Natural, Herbal, Nutritional Supplementation

Tier 1

Which of the following supplements is categorized as a probiotic and has the trade name Align?

a. Cholecalciferol

b. Bifidobacterium infantis

c. Lactobacillus

d. Saccharomyces boulardii

Which of the following supplements is considered a hormonal modulator?

a. Calcium

b. St. John's wort

c. Ginkgo biloba

d. Black cohosh

If a patient in your pharmacy requests to take a "natural supplement" to help with prevention of migraine headaches, you may appropriately recommend:

a. Butterbur

b. Flaxseed oil

c. Vitamin E

d. Ferrous sulfate

While counseling a patient, it is correct to tell her that calcium carbonate is classified as a mineral supplement and __________.

a. Antidiarrheal

b. Antacid

c. Muscle relaxant

d. Immune stimulant

Cholecalciferol is another name for which of the following supplements?

a. Calcium

b. Iron

c. Vitamin E

d. Vitamin D3

Ferrous sulfate is available without a prescription to prevent or treat which of the following conditions?

a. Allergic rhinitis

b. Migraine headaches

c. Iron deficiency anemia

d. Postmenopausal symptoms

Which of the following supplements has claims to be an antihyperlipidemic?

a. Flaxseed oil

b. Goldenseal

c. St. John's wort

d. Vitamin E

Garlic has the self-care indication to treat which of the following conditions?

a. Contact dermatitis

b. Hyperlipidemia


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