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Insomnia and Drowsiness/Fatigue

Tier 1

Which of the following is in the drug class stimulants and is indicated for mental alertness?

a. Caffeine

b. Ginkgo biloba

c. Melatonin

d. Nicotine

Unisom is a common brand name for which of the following histamine blockers?

a. Ranitidine

b. Diphenhydramine

c. Chlorpheniramine

d. Doxylamine

Which of the following is indicated to self-treat insomnia and jet lag?

a. Doxylamine

b. Melatonin

c. Evening primrose

d. Caffeine

Tier 2

Which of the following is true regarding use of caffeine in self-care?

a. The recommended dose is 100-200 mg q3-4h prn mental alertness.

b. It may cause an upset stomach.

c. It is found in OTC diet aids, but should not be used in this way without approval from physician.

d. One caffeine tablet is similar to 3 cups of coffee.

You should counsel your patient taking doxylamine that he/she should do all of the following EXCEPT:

a. Take 25 mg hs prn

b. Expect dizziness

c. Take as soon as you get into bed

d. Avoid alcohol and other CNS depressants

Melatonin should be administered as 3-5 mg _______ hours before sleep for up to 4 weeks.

a. 1-2

b. 3-4

c. 6-8

d. 12-24

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