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Women's Health

Tier 1

Which of the following anti-infectives should you counsel your patient to use for a case of mild vulvovaginal candidiasis?

a. Clotrimazole

b. Ketoconazole

c. Goldenseal

d. Undecylenic acid

Which of the following classification/brand name pairs is correct for phenazopyridine?

a. Antifungal/Monistat

b. Decongestant/Sudafed

c. Hormone modulator/Systane

d. Urinary tract analgesic/Azo

Tier 2

For yeast infections, clotrimazole should improve vaginal symptoms in ______ days.

a. 1-2

b. 3-5

c. 7-10

d. 14

Which of the following medications may cause your patient's urine to become discolored red or orange?

a. Bismuth subsalicylate

b. Phenazopyridine

c. Senna

d. Orlistat

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