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ACPE: American Council on Pharmaceutical Education ORS 333: Oregon Revised Statute Chapter 333
BOP: Board of Pharmacy ORS 475: Oregon Revised Statute Chapter 475
BPS: Board of Pharmaceutical Specialties ORS 689: Oregon Revised Statute Chapter 689
DOB: Date of Birth P&P: Policy and Procedure
EPT: Expedited Partner Therapy PIL: Product Identification Label
FDA: Food and Drug Administration PTCB: Pharmacy Technician Certification Board
MDV multi dose vial SDV: single dose vial
NHA: National Healthcareer Association X DEA: DEA of practitioner that has obtained a DATA waiver, and whose DEA number therefore starts with X.
OAR 855: Oregon Administrative Rules Chapter 855

The review of Oregon Law will loosely follow the three main sections tested by the MPJE as outlined in the NABP Candidate Application bulletin1 of the following:

Part 1: Pharmacy Practice

~83% of MPJE

Reviews pharmacy personnel, prescription processing for both controlled and non-controlled substances, expanded practice for pharmacists, providers, laws regarding specific pharmacy practice areas, and record keeping.

Part 2: Licenses, Registrations, and Operations

~15% of MPJE

Reviews licensing requirements for individuals, registration requirements for businesses, CE requirements, equipment requirements, and disciplinary actions for both licensees and registrants

Part 3: General Regulations

~2% of MPJE

There is minimal state related material in this section, as the bulletin1 indicates this section is primarily federal law, such as the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, Poison Prevention Packaging act, etc. However, a review of information related to the Board of Pharmacy and other applicable Oregon state regulatory bodies is listed here for lack of a better place to include it.

As this review is an interpretation of the law and does not cover every law listed, only the information that our guide reviewers who recently passed the Oregon MPJE exam felt was most important is included. It is recommended that you read through the entirety of the Oregon state law (and federal law) in addition to using this review in your studies. An incomplete list of state law documents you should review is as follows:

  • Oregon Revised Statute Chapter 475 and Chapter 689

  • Oregon Administrative Rules Chapter 855

  • Oregon Board of Pharmacy (BOP) Newsletters and FAQ’s (Specifically the Compliance FAQ)

To aid in your comprehensive review, the applicable Oregon laws are referenced throughout this guide as ORS 475, ORS 689, and OAR 855. The Oregon BOP has a number of FAQ documents that you can access on their website ( These documents will also be referenced throughout the guide.



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