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  • This is a 120-question exam that mimics the Oregon pharmacy portion of the MPJE exam.

  • Use these questions as a supplement to test your self-study learning and go back to review questions missed. There will be material covered in the questions not covered in the text above so use the questions as a supplement for further learning.

  • Ensure to time yourself at 1 hour and 45 minutes to complete the questions in one sitting.

  • Answers can be reviewed after the federal pharmacy law exam section.

  • If you do not get above a 75% score, it’s prudent to review the laws discussed in the previous chapters



Q1. Match the activities to the time period.

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Report misconduct of nurse practitioner 15 days
Obtain off-site records for BOP inspection 10 days
Change in pharmacy name 30 days
Provide BOP with Plan of Correction after inspection 3 days

Q2. Which of the following activities can a clerk complete?

  1. Stock medication on shelves

  2. Pull medication off shelves for filling

  3. Pull outdated medication off shelves

A. I and II only

B. II and III only

C. I and III only

D. I, II and III

Q3. Which activities must be completed only by a pharmacist?

  1. DUR check

  2. Final Verification

  3. Administer Immunizations

A. I only

B. II only

C. III only

D. II and III only

Q4. Which activities can a technician complete?

  1. Accept a refill from a provider for Zanaflex

  2. Enter allergies into a patient’s electronic chart

  3. Bypass an electronic alert for duplicate therapy

A. I and II only

B. II and III only

C. I and III only

D. I, II and III

Q5. You receive an electronic prescription transmitted by a provider’s agent for a product containing dextromethorphan for a patient that is 16 years old. You:

A. Refuse to fill the prescription

B. Call the providers office to get a hard-copy prescription

C. Tell the patient you can only dispense this medication ...

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